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Admin panel quick overview
Admin panel quick overview

Getting to know the admin panel: navigation and a brief overview of the admin panel sections

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The admin panel is a part of the site hidden from customers, designed to manage the store. In the admin panel, site managers can customize the site and its individual pages, work with the catalog, products, and orders.

In this article, we will introduce you to the main sections of the Cartum admin panel. The admin panel is designed in such a way that a person without prior website management skills can work in it.

Main menu

The main menu of the admin panel is located in the vertical bar on the left. Here you can navigate through the panel sections, as well as find the administrator profile menu and the icon for opening your store's website.

Tip: before you start, familiarize yourself with all the items in the main menu to get comfortable with the basic navigation of the admin panel.

Go to the store's website

Clicking on the icon in the upper left corner will open the store's website in a new browser tab.

Getting started guide

When you first log in to the admin panel, you will see a guide to quickly launching your store. It contains a checklist of the main stages of launching a store with direct links to the relevant settings and some useful links to get started.

The guide can be collapsed/expanded using the icon in the upper right corner.

Admin panel — Start — Cartum


The first section of the admin panel contains a short dashboard of basic store metrics and quick access to recent orders.

The statistics in the Start panel will start displaying after connecting Google Analytics (GA4) to the site and setting up the data transfer from Analytics back to the store.


This section contains a general table of orders placed by customers on your store's website. In the same section, store managers can process and edit orders.

This section also contains tabs for requesting callbacks and managing comments and reviews on the site.

Admin panel — Orders — Cartum


Here you can manage your store's customer accounts, view their contact information, and quickly find all orders for a particular customer.

For stores that use Cartum b2b, this section will have additional tabs for managing price types and groups of wholesale buyers.

Admin panel — Customers — Cartum


Section for working with store products. This is where the general table of products is located and where the main work with products takes place — entry creation, import, editing, etc.

In addition, tis section contains tabs with settings necessary for creating product templates and product characteristics, setting currency rates, and a list of products that customers add to their favorites.

Admin panel — Products — Cartum


This section contains settings related to the structure and design of the site. Here you can also create and customize both catalog pages and information and service pages.

Admin panel — Website — Cartum


Here you can find tabs with settings for general discounts that apply on the site — cumulative and personal discounts, coupons, and certificates.

Discounts for categories and individual products are defined in the settings of the respective categories.

Admin panel — Discounts — Cartum


This section combines the settings for marketing tools and activation of third-party services that help you promote your store. In particular, you can connect your website to Google Analytics and other Google services here.

The SEO tab contains all the tools for successfully preparing your website for promotion in search engines.

In the Marketplaces tab, you can configure and generate feeds for popular trading platforms.


This section contains reports on the basic indicators of the store's performance — site visitors, their orders and expenses, the most popular products, etc.

Admin panel — Analytics — Cartum


The largest section that contains the basic "internal" settings of the store — general store information, contacts, integrations with payment systems, payment and delivery settings, management of site admins, and much more.

Admin panel — Settings — Cartum

Please note: Certain options and menu sections are available only on certain plans.

Additional settings

At the bottom of the panel are links to the Help Center and the site admin's profile.

Help Center

This button opens the Help Center — a collection of articles describing all the store features and settings.

Manager account

At the very bottom of the sidebar is the site manager profile menu. Here, if necessary, you can change the language of the admin panel and go to the Billing page with information about the site's plan and bills.

Admin panel — Support chat button — Cartum

Chat with the support team

The button to open a pop-up chat window with the support team is always available in the lower right corner of the admin panel.

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