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What discounts can be set up in store
What discounts can be set up in store
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Discounts help attract new customers, stimulate purchases, and increase customer loyalty. Let's look at the different types of discounts that can be used in your store.

Old price

The old price — crossed-out price in the catalog and on the product page. You can manually specify this price in the product settings or specify it in bulk for many products using an import file. The Old price should be higher than the current price.

The discount percentage will be calculated automatically and can be displayed on a sticker on the product page and in a mini-card.

Discount on a product in percentages

A percentage discount on a separate product is set in the Discount, % field when editing a product. You can set such a discount for many products at once using an import file.

If such a discount is set for a product, the system will automatically calculate the discounted price, and it will be displayed in the catalog and on the product page. In this case, the Price field value will be crossed out.

A sticker with a discount percentage can be displayed in a catalog card and on the product page.

Discount on a category

To set a discount for all products in a category, go to the Pages settings of the desired category and specify the discount percentage in the Discount on section field.

A category discount does not apply to products with an individual discount. In the catalog cards of such products and on their pages, a discount set for these products in their settings will be displayed.

Other types of discounts

In the top menu of the Cartum admin panel, there is a Discounts section. Here you can configure additional options, namely:

  • Discount codes — discounts as a percentage or for a fixed amount that the buyer receives by entering a promo code when placing an order.

  • Customer card — a personal discount for a registered buyer.

  • Cumulative discounts — discounts that will apply to logged-in buyers after payment and delivery of orders for the amount specified in the threshold of action.

Wholesale prices by quantity

Wholesale prices by quantity are the ability to set multiple prices per unit of a product depending on the number of units in the order. The functionality is available for the Pro and B2B plans.

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