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How to set and activate Stripe payments in online store

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Stripe is an international payment processing platform which enables paying for website purchases with plastic cards.

⚠️ Attention: For the current list of countries where the platform is supported, go to Stripe portal.

Horoshop offers out-of-the-box Stripe integration meaning that you can connect the system to your website in a few easy steps.

Register an account with Stripe and go through the activation checklist. To connect to Stripe, copy the secret key from your account.

Connecting a Stripe account to your online store

To connect a Stripe account and activate online payment with a plastic card via Horoshop control panel:

1. Go to Settings → Payment Systems.

2. Locate Online Payment (Stripe) block and insert your secret key into the respective field.

3. Save the changes.

Setting up online payment via Stripe for your customers

While in the Horoshop control panel:

1. Go to Settings → Payment Options and select the Online Payment (Stripe) payment option.

2. Make sure that Stripe value has been selected in the Type field.

3. If necessary, enter a custom name for this payment option and edit the settings.

4. Activate the payment option by checking Activate.

5. Click Save.

Selecting online payment on checkout

Once Stripe has been connected and the payment option has been set up, you must choose the shipping options which this option will be available for:

1. Go to Settings → Shipping Options and click the necessary shipping options to open its properties.

2. While in the Payment Options, check Online Payment (Stripe) or hold the Ctrl (Windows) ⌘ (macOS) key and check all the necessary payment options in the list.

3. Click Save.

Now your customers will be able to choose Online Payment (Stripe) on checkout and go to the payment step immediately after confirming the order or after its confirmation by the manager depending on which online payment mode is enabled on the website.

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