Online Payment Modes for Customers

Two models of payment: instant online payment or payment upon confirmation by a manager.

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You can set up either of the two possible online payment modes:

  • Instant: if online payment by card is selected, the customer is directed to the payment system page upon clicking Proceed to checkout.

  • Pre-Moderated: the customer is provided with a payment link once the manager has confirmed the order.

The payment system generates a unique payment link for each order.

The payment link must be sent manually using the website administration panel in Orders → Send Payment Link.

Attention: pre-moderated payment mode is not recommended if Google Shopping is connected or may be connected in the future. If you use this method, your store may get blocked by Google Merchant Center.

Sending payment link — Cartum

Payment links are sent to the customer’s email address submitted while making an order. Messages with payment links are sent from the address specified in Settings → Email Settings.

Payment link in the email — Cartum

Payment link in the admin panel

In the general table of orders, the manager can quickly copy the online payment link to send to the customer who did not pay for the order immediately.

If online payment moderation is enabled, the payment link is generated after clicking the Send payment link button. After that, the link can also be copied to send to the customer additionally.

How to change online payment mode on your website

The website is set to instant online payment by default.

You can change the online payment mode in the Settings → General settings → Info about store section of the website control panel.

Changing online payment mode — Cartum

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