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How to add products
How to add products

All possible way to create new products: manual, mass import or migration from the old site

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Horoshop provides several options to add products on site depend on the number of products and in which source format you have information about them.

Add products in control panel

This option is good if you have very few products and no separate info (prices in the price list, pictures on the site of your suppliers, product info "on the web"). In this case, you need to add products one by one in site control panel.

Import from Excel (XLS)

It is the most flexible variant for adding a lot of products in one time. It allows you to prepare all product information in an Excel spreadsheet and then add it to the site in bulk using the import function.

The main advantage of this option is that you can gather information from different sources into one table. Such a table is quick and easy to edit. Using the import option, any information about products, including photos, can be uploaded and updated in bulk.

You can also use this option when migrating content from another site if the source site has an export function in Excel (XLS or XLSX).

Import from XML

We support this feature in a limited format: we only accept XML in clipping format from This feature works in beta mode and has some limitations.

We are developing a full-fledged import from XML with the same flexibility that is available in import from Excel.

Read also

Offloading goods from your accounting system using API

If you use an accounting or CRM system for inventory, you can set up the transfer of product information to the website using an API.

You can find the list of ready-to-integrate systems on our website — Ready to use product integrations section. If you are using one of these systems, contact our support service for advice on configuring the integration, and we will tell you what you need to do.

Other systems

If you are using other systems, two options are available:

  1. This system has an Excel export. Then you can do a one-off or regular upload and subsequent import into the site.

  2. Order the development of integration with Horoshop developers of your accounting system. We are ready to provide the necessary documentation and advice.

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