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Setting up shipping and delivery
Setting up shipping and delivery

How to set up shipping options, adjust the shipping price automatically depending on the order amount or add a new shipping option

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The shipping options which your customers can select from before confirming their orders can be set up via the admin panel in the Settings → Delivery section.

Default shipping options

Out of the box, your online store offers the following shipping options by default:

  • In-store pick-up

  • Ship to an address

  • Courier delivery

You can change the default shipping options by adding automatic price adjustment depending on the order amount, change the names of the shipping options and enable or disable them.

New shipping options can also be added, if necessary.

Shipping options: General Settings

To set up the desired shipping option, click its name.

How to set up shipping price

You can define the shipping price as a fixed value or set the system to display the text “Carrier’s Rates Apply”.

  • Action Threshold: the minimum order value which the shipping price applies to.

  • Shipping Price: fixed shipping price.

  • Carrier’s Rates Apply: if this checkbox is selected, the customer is displayed the text Carrier’s Rates Apply and the total value net of the shipping price while placing the order.

Attention: if the Action Threshold field in the first line contains a number larger than zero, this shipping option is not available for orders with the value smaller than the one in the first line.

Setting up available payment methods

You have to define the payment methods available to the customer after selecting each of the shipping options. First, set up the payment methods in Settings → Payment.

Use Payment field to select the payment methods available to the customer with the selected shipping option.

Shipping types

The Shipping Type defines the format in which the customer can provide the shipping address while placing the order. Horoshop allows the following shipping types:

  • Single-Line Address: an extra Address field is provided at the order placement step.

  • Multi-Line Address: postcode, street, house number, apartment: while placing the order, the customer can provide the exact delivery address including the postcode, the street, the house number, and the apartment.

  • Address: works like the previous one, but when placing an order, there will be two fields for the address and a field for the zip code.

  • Ship to City: while placing the order, the customer can only specify the city for the delivery.

  • In-Store Pick-up: a local pick-up point can be designated in the shipping option name.

City field on the order placement page is a system value which is available for all the shipping options.

Creating a new shipping option

To create a new shipping option:

1. Go to Settings → Delivery and click Add.

2. Specify Title for the shipping option to be displayed to your online store customers.

3. Make the necessary selection in Type field.

4. Select the payment methods to be available for the new shipping option.

5. Select Currency (this is mandatory).

6. Set up the shipping price by following the instructions above.

7. Select Active checkbox and save the changes

8. Now you have access to the settings which are specific for the chosen shipping type. For example, you can use City field to limit the shipping option to a number of localities (for “Ship to City”, “Courier Delivery in Kyiv” and “In-Store Pick-up”).

Important! Leave City field empty if shipping is available to any locality without limitation.

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