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Setting up digital products sales, files to be downloaded after customer payment

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Digital products is a set of Cartum options that allow you to sell not only physical products, but also downloadable files that are available to the buyer immediately after payment.

Digital products are available starting from the Standard plan.

How digital sales work

The sale of digital products (downloadable files) is based on the following scheme:

  1. A customer places an order for an digital product.

  2. A customer pays for the order.

  3. The product is instantly available for download in customer's personal account on the website.

How to activate digital products option

If you plan to sell digital products, go to Settings → General Settings → Products and check the Digital products box.

Digital products — Cartum

Creating a digital product

When digital products are enabled on your website, additional fields appear on the product page:

  1. The Files for digital products field is used to add files that are your digital product. After paying for the order, your customers will have access to download these files.

  2. The Digital product checkbox. If you check, the system understands that this is a digital product that does not require physical delivery.

Properties are set for each product variant separately.

To create a digital product:

  1. Upload the required files in the Files for digital products field. If necessary, enter the names of the files that the customer will see in the personal account after the purchase.

  2. Check the Digital product box. After that, a corresponding sticker will appear on the product page, informing the buyer that the product is not physical and will be available for download after payment.

Please note: if no files are added to the Files for digital products field, the product will not be marked as digital on the site. Do not forget to add files.

The digital product page

  • The Digital product label appears on the digital product page. The text of the label can be changed through the Interface translation.

  • The counter for adding an item to the cart will not be displayed on the digital product page.

  • If you have stock accounting enabled, availability statuses will be set automatically for the electronic item. If the sale is unlimited, enter a large number in the Quantity field.

Additional information on the product page

For stores that have digital products enabled, a new Information about digital products block appears in the Settings → General settings → Delivery and payment on product page section.

The block can be placed on the product page separately. To change the placement of the block, please contact the support team.

Files for downloading

File formats for sale

At the moment you can upload doc, docx, txt, rtf, pdf, epub, fb2, fb3, jpeg, jpg, png, zip, mobi, djvu, mp3, mp4, mpeg, xls, xlsx files for sale. The size of each file should be no more than 25 MB.

What if I want to sell other types of files?

We are planning to expand the functionality, but right now you can upload, for example, a pdf file with instructions and links to the relevant files.

Mixed products

You can create mixed products — physical goods + downloadable files. When purchasing a product, the customer will have access to all the delivery options you have configured. And the downloadable files will also be available to the customer after payment.

To create a mixed product:

  1. Add files to the Files for digital products field.

  2. Leave the Digital product box unchecked.

Shipping and payment for digital products

If the order contains only digital products, customers will see a simplified order form when placing an order — without entering a delivery address.

To enable this option:

  1. Go to Settings → Shipping methods and carriers, find a shipping option of the Downloadable content type.

  2. Set the Title for this option and choose which payment options are available for this type of shipping. By default, the new delivery option is called Available for download after payment.

  3. Check the Active box and save the changes.

If the order contains both physical and digital products, then standard delivery options will be available when ordering, and digital products will be available in the customer's personal account immediately after payment.

Shipping and payment for digital products — Cartum

Orders with digital products

If the order contains only digital products, the checkout page will be changed — there will be no fields for filling in the address.

The email field display should be enabled on the order page: Settings → General settings → Checkout → Show Email field.

Please note: when placing an order, customer authorization is required, since digital products are only available in customer's personal account.

Digital products checkout page — Cartum

Digital products in the customer's personal account

After the order has acquired the Paid status in the admin panel, the customer will receive an email notifying them that the files they purchased are ready for download.

Files will be displayed in the order information with an icon corresponding to the file format.

Digital products in the customer's personal account — Cartum

Updating files for download

In case you want to update the files for download or add new files to the product, they will automatically be available in the personal account for customers who have previously purchased this product.

Deleting digital products

Currently, files for digital products are stored in customers' personal accounts without any time limit. If you delete a product, the files for it will be deleted from the system and from customer accounts.

If the order is canceled, access to downloading files will be closed.

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