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Tooltips for attributes
Tooltips for attributes

How to set up and configure tooltips for product attributes

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Tooltips for attributes are hints which contain important information about product attributes for a more informed shopping experience.

For example, for Size attribute you can set up a tooltip with a size chart.

There are two formats of tooltips: a text link as in the example above or an information icon.

A tooltip in the form of an icon

To configure tooltip format, go to Settings → Settings → Product Catalog section of the admin panel.

Tooltips are shown on the product page and in the catalog miniature.

How to set up a tooltip for an attribute

To set up a new tooltip:

1. Go to Settings Tooltips for Attributes and click Add.

2. Change the settings as necessary:

  • Name: this name appears on the product page if the tooltip is a text link;

  • Select Template and Parameter (attribute) the tooltip is being created for;

  • Set Brands which the tooltip will apply to by selecting the appropriate checkboxes;

  • Text: this field contains the tooltip text. You can combine text blocks with images and links and use the built-in editor to add formating for extra visual appeal.

  • Show in Modal: if this checkbox is selected, the tooltip appears on a dedicated overlay which prevents from interacting with the website until user action is taken.

3. To enable the tooltip, select checkbox Active and click Save.

You can set up tooltips for every store language version separately.

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