Tooltips for attributes

How to set up and configure tooltips for product attributes

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Tooltips for attributes are designed to display the necessary explanations for product parameters to help customers make the right choice.

For example, for the Size attribute you can set up a tooltip with a size chart.

Text link tooltip — Cartum

For variants attributes there are two formats of tooltips: a text link as in the example above or an information icon. Tooltips for main attributes are always displayed as an icon.

Icon tooltip — Cartum

A tooltip in the form of an icon

To configure tooltip format for variants attributes, go to Settings → General settings → Products section of the admin panel.

Tooltips are shown on the product page and in the mini-card.

Configuring tooltip format — Cartum

How to set up a tooltip for an attribute

To set up a new tooltip:

1. Go to Website Attribute tooltips and click Add.

2. Change the settings as necessary:

  • Title: this name appears on the product page if the tooltip is a text link;

  • Select Template and Attribute the tooltip is being created for;

  • Set Brands for which the tooltip is displayed by selecting the appropriate checkboxes;

  • Text: this field contains the tooltip text. You can combine text blocks with images and links and use the built-in HTML editor to add formating for extra visual appeal.

  • Show in pop-up: if this box is checked, the tooltip will be displayed in a separate window that pops up over the page.

3. To enable the tooltip, check the Active box and click Save.

How to set up a tooltip for an attribute — Cartum

You can set up tooltips for every language version separately.

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