Managing site users

Creating new accounts for site users, customizing access for users, managing users

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Warning: If content managers, sales managers, promotion specialists work with your site, do not provide them with your access rights. For security reasons, create a new user for each employee in the admin panel and grant them access rights to match the functions they perform.

Managing site users and creating new accounts for users is done in Settings → Users.

Access rights to the site

Access rights to information in the site's admin panel depend on the role assigned to the user. There are several different roles by default:

  • Owner. Has full access to all the admin panel functions, except for access to the site code.

  • Manager. The store manager can process orders, customize and fill the site. Has full access, except for user management and some other fine-tuning.

  • Content-manager. This user can only work on the content of the site: adding products and descriptions, uploading images. Such a user does not have access to orders and customers, and has limited access to site settings.

  • Marketing-specialist. This role is required if you involve third-party marketing, advertising, and SEO specialists in the work on your website. It has the same access rights as the owner, except for some important settings.

If you need a new role with certain capabilities, please contact the support team, specifying the name of the role and what access rights it needs. We accept such a request only from the site owner (owner role).

How to add a new user

Only users with Owner rights can create new accounts.

To create a new user:

  1. Go to Settings → Users and click + Add.

  2. Select the desired role and fill in all the fields.

  3. Click Save.

Required fields:

  • Login — name to enter the admin panel of the site;

  • Password;

  • Email — the email to which site notifications will be sent;

  • Role of the user.

Optional fields:

  • Phone number;

  • Full name;

  • Avatar — user photo.

New user — Cartum

Important: to make it easier to log in to the admin panel, we recommend using Google mail (Gmail). Then the user will be able to log in with a Google account.

Managing users

The following options are available for managing users:

  • viewing user information;

  • changing or deleting a user profile;

  • blocking/unblocking the user;

  • enabling/disabling order notifications;

  • changing password.

Order notifications

To enable new order notifications, select the Activate email notifications checkbox in the user profile or in the users list.

Warning: To receive notifications, do not forget to enter the correct address in the Email field.

Activate email notifications — Cartum

Blocking a user

To block a user, select the Blocked checkbox in the user profile or in the users list.

Blocking a user — Cartum

Changing password

To change user's password, click Change password? in the user profile.

For users who have an email address, you can send a new password by email. To do this, click Send new password in the users list. The password for this user will be changed to an automatically generated one, and the user will receive it by email.

Deleting a user

To delete a user, click the Trash icon in the users list.

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