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Address and Location on the Map

Setting up the store address and connecting map services

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The address and the store location on the map are displayed on the page with contact information and in the website footer.

How to add the address

Go to the website administration page and fill out the following field: Settings SettingsContactsAddress. To add a line break to the address, use <br> tag to separate the text.

How to insert a map

Horoshop has built-in Google Maps support. You can put a map on the contacts page by using a map code or an API key.

Map code

This is the recommended connection type which relies on the standard map integration function.

1. Go to Google Maps and find the right address.

2. Click the Share button.

3. In the window, click Embed MapCopy HTML.

4. Go to your website administration page and insert the code into the Settings SettingsContactsMap HTML-code field and save the changes.

Important! In order for the code to work properly, make sure that the API Key for Google Map field was empty.


This is a more complex method of map integration which offers advanced customization. To generate a key, you need to register on Google Cloud Platform and use a card as a payment method. The service offers up to 28,000 free loads of the map and charges $7 for each subsequent 1,000 loads.

1. Generate the API Key on Google Maps Platform (watch a short video tutorial).

2. Copy and paste the key into the respective field in on the website administration page: Settings SettingsContactsAPI-key for Google maps.

3. Enter the name, address or coordinates of the point in the Store Address field and save the changes.

Multiple maps

The map code can be inserted into the additional information field on the contacts page to combine text with one or multiple maps.

1. Open the Contact Information page settings: Pages Contacts.

2. Go to the Additional Info block and click the Source button in the editor.

3. Insert the map code in the right place and save the changes. After saving, the updated information will appear on the contacts page.

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