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Interface translation

How to translate or change the names of UI elements, UI translations for new languages

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You can change the text of interface elements or set the translation for different language site versions using the Interface translation function.

To do it, go to the section Website → Interface translation:

  1. Search the Key column filter to find the text elements you want to translate, or search the Value column filter to find the text elements you want to change.

  2. In the Value field, enter the text that will be displayed on the site. The values are set for each language version of the site.

Editing an interface element — Cartum

An example of using the translation interface to change the text My order, which is displayed in the site header next to the cart icon

You can change the interface translation using the Interface Translation function:

  • text in UI elements;

  • names of characteristics;

  • trigger email headers and some email texts.

Interface translation for language versions

By default, the site already has translations of interface elements for several languages. If you have created a new site version for any other language, you can bulk upload translations of values by exporting/importing value tables.

To do this, in Website → Interface translation:

  1. Click the Export button, select the language version to download, and save the file for translation.

  2. In the file, fill in the values in the value column with translations of the values from the key column in the new language.

  3. Click Import and upload the file with the new translations in the appropriate language version.

Interface translation table — Cartum

Table for importing interface translation values

Why does the site display crossed-out text?

If you see the name of a feature crossed out on your website, it means that the translation for the corresponding language version is not available for that feature.

In order to correct the display of such text, go to the Website → Interface translation section in the admin panel of the site.

In the window that opens, find the desired text by key and set the appropriate translation value.

Translation of an UI element — Cartum

An example of adding the missing translation of an element

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