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Google Analytics 4

Creating new Google Analytics 4 properties, setting up data streams and measuring website data

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Since July 2023, the new Google Analytics 4 property has become the only one that supports Google Analytics. Data collection in Universal Analytics properties has been discontinued.

The new GA4 type of analytics tracking has many more features than the previous one, but it is very different in its approach to collecting and organizing information, and working with it requires some new knowledge and time to get used to it.

GA4 measurement identifier

You can connect a Google Analytics 4 resource to a Cartum website using Google Tag or GTM.

In your Google Analytics account, go to the Admin settings and select a property. Open its Data streams and click on the web stream to see the details. There, copy the Measurement ID, you will need it to connect your website to analytics.

GA4 Measurement ID — Cartum

Please note

The delay in data collection in GA4 properties can be up to 48 hours. This is a feature of the new analytics that Google warns about.

Connecting Google Analytics 4 to the site via Google Tag - UA, GA4, AW (gtag.js)

Foe the new Google Analytics 4 properties resource, the Measurement ID has the G-XXXXXXXX format.

How to connect the Measurement ID to a website:

  1. Go to the Marketing → Marketing Services tab and click the Google Tag - UA, GA4, AW (gtag.js) row.

  2. In the Tracking ID field, add your Measurement ID.

  3. Check the Activate box.

  4. Click Save.

Connecting Google Analytics 4 to the site via Google Tag — Cartum

All standard events transmitted via Google Tag are compatible with Google Analytics 4 and will start appearing in the Events report within 24 hours after the property is connected to the site. You can also check the connection in the Realtime tab.

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