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Setting up phone numbers, messengers, and emails on the contact page, website header, and footer

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Contact information includes phone numbers, messengers, and emails for customers to communicate with store managers.

The full list of contacts is displayed on the Contacts page and in the footer of the site, and phone numbers are also displayed in the header.

Contact info — Cartum

How to add a contact

In the admin panel, go to Settings General settingsContacts. Click the Add contact button, and then specify the contact type and value.

How to add a contact — Cartum

Important: Correct filling of the Value field is necessary for the correct generation of clickable links.

The Value to display on storefront field is what customers will see on your website. Here you can use a number with convenient formatting (for example, (0X) XXXX-XXXX, 0 800 XXX-XXX) or text (for example, "Contact via Viber", "Mail us"). If the field is not filled in, the content of the Value field is displayed on the website.

Contact info in the footer — Cartum

Phone numbers

For the Phone number type, in the Value field, enter the phone number in local (if your store sells in one country) or international format — for example, 06-XXXX-XXXX or +3906XXXXXXXX.

The additional field Icon is available for this data type.

  1. Standard — an icon with a telephone handset.

  2. Detect automatically — the operator icon is determined by the code (depends on the country).


For the Email type, the Value field must contain your email address (for example, [email protected]).


Depending on the messenger, the Value field is filled in as follows:

  • Viber, WhatsApp — phone number in international format without separators (for example, 380ХХХХХХХХХ).

  • Telegram — public username without the @ symbol. If it has not yet been set for your account, you can do this in the settings of your own Telegram profile. If necessary, you can also enter the name of a public channel or group in this field (the part of the link to the channel or group located after

  • Skype — your account login. Warning: unlike other messengers, when you click on the link, a voice call is made.

Additional information

Use the Custom value type for other ways to communicate or simply add any additional information.

How to delete a contact

To delete a contact, click on the trash icon on the right and confirm your action in the pop-up window.

How to delete a contact — Cartum

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