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Connecting a custom domain

How to connect a custom domain to your Horoshop website

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To connect a custom domain to your website, you need to follow three steps:

  1. Make month fee payment — contact your manager for the payment references.

  2. Direct the domain to your IP address.

  3. Submit a request for domain activation on the server to the customer support.

Domain rerouting

To control the domain settings, you need access to the interface of your domain name registrar.

You can re-route the domain on your own by following our instructions. Should you lack confidence to do so, you can grant temporary access to the domain management interface to our customer support so we could set up everything for you.

Use the domain management panel to create ALIAS records for the domain and delete the existing А and АААА records which pertain to and ALIAS ALIAS

If you domain name registrar does not support ALIAS records, you need to add (or modify) the А records which pertain to and (make sure to go through all the four records!):     A A A A

*records is the domain name of your website.

Attention: you must delete AAAA records for your domain!

ALIAS records are re-routed within a few minutes while rerouting A records takes several hours.

Enabling your domain support by our servers

If you completed the domain re-routing steps on your own, send the domain name to the customer support. This will allow us to configure our servers to support your domain and generate Let's Encrypt SSL certificates.

SSL certificates may not be generated until the certification center is able to ascertain that your custom domain pings to our IP address so please allow for a certain delay (up to 72 hours). This means that your domain will not have an SSL certificate for a while, which is normal.

DNS zone management via

If your domain is managed by, the re-routing procedure is the same. Here is a sample setup (specify your domain name instead of

DNS zone management via Cloudflare — Cartum

Please note that Cloudflare files an application for a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate automatically, and the processing may take up to 24 hours.

It is advisable to go to SSL/TLS section and enable Full (strict) mode as shown on the screenshot below.

SSL/TLS mode at Cloudfare — Cartum

In addition to that, you need to go to SSL/TLS → Edge Certificates and enable Always Use HTTPS option:

Always Use HTTPS option at Cloudfare — Cartum

Attention: if you use Cloudflare with Flexible encryption mode, please inform Horoshop customer support so that no additional SSL certificate is requested. Failure to do so may cause the website to have a certificate conflict resulting in "Too many redirects” message. In this case the website will not function properly until one of the certificates is deleted.

Also pay attention: the above settings are relevant for second and third level domains. If you use fourth level domain (for example, or, free Cloudflare version won't be able to apply for SSL certificate. In that case you need to:

  • Go to SSL/TLS section and enable Flexible mode;

  • Go to SSL/TLS → Edge Certificates and disable Always Use HTTPS option.

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